VitaKratom Review

To resolve many health affairs, Kratom is an organic and herbal remedy which grows naturally in some specific parts of Southeast Asia. kratom trees are known to may provide some healthy effects and strengthened the human body.

This is a natural Asian medicine which is in use for thousands of years. Kratom vendors eliminate the difficulties that a kratom lover face in finding kratom products over the counter.

Genuine kratom suppliers are a blessing in this time period. A few close people of mine have purchased from VitaKratom and they found it an excellent source of best kratom strains and products.

Which is their best strain?

I have come across so many kratom strains but I found Red Thai Kratom the best of all from VitaKratom. I also keenly observed their all collection and discovered this strain is one of the best sellers. This strain has claimed to have more strength and potency which may also increase the benefits for users.

As per research, the alkaloid substances in this strain are more intense which might provide higher relief from some ailments. It doesn’t mean they don’t have any other kratom variety in their stock. They do keep other varieties such as green and yellow.

Use of Kratom Powder from VitaKratom

Powder in kratom varieties is much more in the sale which people use them in their different food recipes and drinks such as adding in smoothies and juices. This is the benefits of using kratom powder as it can be mixed in any of the eatables.

Kratom is capsule form are targetting people who don’t like to eat kratom powder because of its specific strong aroma and flavor that may cause vomiting to some people.

People can consume kratom capsules once on a daily basis. You can buy kratom capsules as it is or can fill them yourself with suitable powdered strain.

I prefer to take kratom tea by making it with kratom powder and to enhance its flavor I may add lime juice which gives it a positive pinch.

Website layout

The website of VitaKratom is authentic and designed for users to give a friendly overview to let them shop happily. With the selling of best quality kratom, this website is great. They provide you with additional facilities which make their interface more useable and flexible.

Ordering Products

When you will open their website, you will find the main bar has a field of “MY ACCOUNTS” in which you are instructed to add your details like your residence location and after that, you can place your order. If you contact them directly through the Contact Us tab, you can get a 20% sale.

There are different kratom varieties available on their website. These varieties are present in basic color veins of kratom. These are:

  • Green Maeng Da Powder
  • Green Malay powder
  • Super Green powder
  • Red Vein Borneo powder
  • Red Maeng Da powder
  • Red Thai powder
  • Red Kapuas powder
  • White Sumatra Powder
  • Yellow Vein Powder
  • Red Horned powder

Urban Ice Organics

Urban Ice Organics is a well-known vendor based in Nevada, United States. This vendor runs an online store which consists of an appealing website that let users select their desired product and shop. This vendor uses kratom from the valuable sources of Southeast Asia, which is grown under the control and care of special people and specially experienced farmers cultivate it to produce in different forms.

The divergent range of products is tested under special conditions.

Kratom issued by this vendor is in different forms such as powders, teas, capsules, and extract oils.

You can find many strains such as Indo vein, Bali strain, Maeng Da, and Malay Kratom in different and attractive packaging. Their packaging is also available in extra-large bottles, which is best for users who want a kratom strain for a longer time.

Lab Testing

A laboratory test is essential to check the quality of any kratom product. After the negligence of people and misuse of kratom, the FDA has prohibited the manufacturing, processing, and sale of kratom, which make many users doubtful about different vendors who don’t sell authentic and untested products. Low-quality products are not good for human health they are manufactured with low quality and the processes.

Lab-tested products are a good way to be ensured that the products are safe to use. Urban Ice Organics provides you with quality and also gives you proof about their authentication. So, don’t worry before buying products from Urban Ice Organic without being conscious about your health.

What is the pricing of products?

Usually, different kratom strains have different prices but if you have an idea about overall price then the prices are affordable. They have economical values of the products like a 30 capsule bottle costs $22. Each capsule is 0.5 mg of strength which is enough as a threshold dosage for new kratom users.

Kratom extract oils are also available at reasonable prices. One kratom extract in different strains is available for $15.99 per bottle.

Their most amazing kratom product is kratom tea in pomegranate flavor which only cost $6.99 each bottle.

The 60 grams of kratom powder is only for $32.99 which is always fresh in its form. The vendor also allows special discounts which are amazing. If you are a new customer you can achieve some points and these points can be saved for later discount. So, if you shop more then gradually your prices will get cut off surprisingly and their tincture price become amazing after a huge discount.


Once you pay for your product then the company starts delivering your products with any of the shipping methods depending on your location such as USPS and FedEx. You can receive your order within 2 to 3 business days. What’s well more than you get your product at your doorstep within few days?

The quality and the freshness is not compromised even if it takes more days. Now, people don’t need to go to post offices and wait for your products. The company also offers free delivery on orders above $75.

White Maeng Da Side Effects

Normally, all kratom strains are safe for consuming and there are no side effects and are not hazardous for human health. But anything in a huge quantity can definitely create problems. Same is the case with white Maeng Da, when it is consumed in a large amount then it starts showing its side effects.

But there are some short-term effects too which can be felt for a short period of time. The short-term effects include anxiety, agitation etc. sometimes, a person talks too much while using kratom.

Euphoric effects with White Maeng Da can be attained at a higher dosage. This effect at a high amount of dosage creates many problems like nausea, headaches, digestion problems, breathing issues, etc.

Likewise, withdrawal effects make a person addictive and dependent towards a specific strain which is the real dark side of White Maeng Da. these withdrawal effects stay for long-term and tolerance level builds up to a great extent.

A person might feel excessive sweating, sleeping disorders, increase or decrease in the blood pressure, and severe cravings for kratom.

The best way to avoid these problems is to always initiate using kratom with basic dosage and gradually build up your tolerance level.

Moreover, if the effects are unbearable then you can consult a doctor or a physician and take proper medication to overcome the side effects.

Duration of Dosage

Maeng Da is a bright strain as it is known to be the most durable strain among others. Its fast-acting and long-lasting effects are the highlighting qualities of Maeng Da. Even White Maeng also owes this feature. This strain starts showing its super effects within 15 to 30 minutes. The effects may appear early for beginners.

Sometimes, the effects initiate within 10 minutes.

After consuming kratom there are certain changes which may happen in the body including irritation and allergic reactions. These effects may stay for some hours usually 5 to 8 hours. These effects stay longer in new users.

Comparison of White Maeng Da with other strains of Maeng Da

All strains of Maeng Da are important and useful in their own aspects and have different yet unique properties. In search of good qualities of all Maeng Da strain and the preference of White Maeng Da over other strains.

  • White Maeng Da VS Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is a famous strain for its energetic and analgesic properties. This strain is a great pain killer which relieves even chronic pains. Red strain is highly sedative as well so ideal way is to use this strain at night for being relaxed. It is more good for its medicinal purposes even for opiate withdrawal effects.

In comparison with red Maeng Da strain, white Maeng Da doesn’t show up that much high analgesic effect. It has mild painkilling effects and can’t handle severe chronic pains. This strain is good for using on a daily basis and even at day time to achieve stimulating and relaxing effects.

  • White Maeng Da VS Green Maeng Da

Both strains considered to have the most similar effects. White Maeng Da is a high mood enhancer and an energetic strain. Green Maeng Da has fine properties of alkaloids in the leaves which are very active and provide quick effects.

Green Maeng Da tends to be more settled for getting pain relief and panic attacks.

Maeng Da VS Bali Kratom

If you are a kratom user, you might have read about the two most famous strains of kratom known as Maeng Da and Bali Kratom. Their properties are different but popularity is equal.

Many people get confused before buying the strain. Both strains seem to be very potent and effective. But it is essential to note down the details about these strains.

There are many online forums with user experiences to give you reviews about different strains.

Today we will discuss in detail about these two best-seller strains among others.

The Popularity of Maeng Da

Maeng is an extremely potent strain found in the areas of Thailand and Malaysia. The strong effects of this strain are because of the dark green kratom leaves that indicate the richness of alkaloids.

These alkaloids make it a very strong and extremely stimulating strain. The active and strong alkaloids in this strain make it different and unique from other strains.

The specialty of Bali Kratom

Bali kratom holds the same popularity among many kratom users. This kratom strain grows in Borneo and is known as Bali because of the Bali port that export kratom to other regions.

Now the richness of alkaloids and the effects play a vital role. There are almost 25 alkaloids which are different in their types.

Difference between Bali Kratom and Maeng Da

These two strains are different because of many aspects. Not only their effects and originality are different, but also there are other things which need to be focused to understand its differences.

  • The difference in their Origins

The first and foremost thing is the difference in their origins. Maeng Da is found in Malaysia and Thailand while Bali Kratom grows in Borneo which is considered as a part of Indonesia.

  • The difference in their structure

The structure and the chemical composition of both strains are almost the same. The alkaloids are also similar but these alkaloids are different in their richness and amount. It is observed that because of the alkaloids, the effects will also differ.

  • The difference in their effects

These two strains are well known and widely used because of their effects. But the effects are totally different.

Maeng Da is known to be a great stimulant and also very strong strain.

On the other hand, Bali is very potent but is not that much strong and active as Maeng Da.

Effects of Maeng Da: the beneficial effects of Maeng Da includes pain relieving, energy boosting, relaxation, focus and concentration level, sleep disorder, opiate withdrawal et.

Effects of Bali: the effects of this strain involves Euphoric effects, sedation, recreational effects, relaxation, gentle stimulation, etc.

  • Difference in the duration of effects

There is a major difference in the duration of the effects of both strains. Maeng Da is a very strong strain and its effects are also stays for long. The effects begin to appear within 30 minutes and stays for up to 8 hours. In newbies, the effects may last for longer.

In the case of Bali, the duration of effects is not high but the results appear more quickly. The effects last for 3 to 4 hours after taking the dosage and begin to appear within 15 minutes.

Why Choose Super Speciosa?

For the last two decades, Kratom business has grown exponentially. Most people talk about quality, however, when it comes to action they fall short. With Super Speciosa, you’ll get a top-grade Kratom. In the marketplace, they operate under “buyer beware” meaning that their top priority is quality control. This has seen them experience more online traffic with positive comments and likes from Kratom their customers.

Super Speciosa carefully gets its Kratom from reliable and trusted harvesters on the island of Borneo. The Kratom is harvested using clean methods and sustainable practice to ensure the right product. The Kratom leaves are dried indoors to avoid and protect against contamination. After that, they mill the leaves into a fine powder.

Why Choose Super Speciosa?

Every customer deserves not only the highest quality products but also services. This is what Super Speciosa has strived to satisfy their customers. They believe that if you are not happy, then they are not happy either.

  • Trusted quality

Their products are subjected to the strictest and best quality control standards. They will make sure you get the product that will suit all your needs. Many customers have benefited from their products especially when it comes to health benefits. Some of the health benefits obtained from Kratom pack include pain relief, treat anxiety and depression disorders, increases mood and promotes concentration. They make sure that every batch is thoroughly lab tested and inspected for contaminants and impurities.

  • 30-day guarantee

You are entitled one month guarantee. You don’t have to worry when their products have a problem. Since they operate online, at times some problems may arise. For instance, you can get the products have been omitted, expired or wrong products. They ensure your satisfaction in every step. For this reason, they offer 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Fast shipping

They not only offer free shipping but also fast delivery. Orders placed by 12 pm (noon) are delivered to customers the same day except on Sundays. This shows their services are superb and amazing. They also have several different expedited delivery and shipping methods.

  • Variety of products

From Super Speciosa you will get a variety of products with super special offers. You just sign up for promotions, rewards and exclusive discounts. First, you can get Kratom powder from a variety of strains such as red vein, white vein, and red Borneo. Any size option you choose, you’ll get it from them. Also, all strains are available in capsule form. All these products are of the greatest quality.

  • Friendly service

Super Speciosa never leaves its customers hanging. They ensure that their relationships with you as the customer is marvelous. This has led to their good image and reputation in Kratom Gal industry for long. Indeed, they treat seller-buyer relationship a very important aspect of the business. They answer every question asked about their products. Finally, they give guidance to potential customers and beginners.

This article educates you about the best factors that you should consider when selecting the best vendor. As for Super Speciosa, everything looks amazing. Their services, quality products, discounts and relationship with their customers is just positive and pleasing.

Which Kratom Strains Can be used for Boosting Energy Levels?

There are numerous individuals around the globe who are looking for the best Kratom strains which can enable them to help their energy levels in a viable way. Individuals have attempted an alternate sort of substance prescriptions so as to support up their energy levels, however, they were not ready to get their ideal outcomes.

In any case, extraordinary sorts of Kratom strains accessible in the market have the capacity to help individuals support up their energy levels in a characteristic manner. On the off chance that you are one of those people who is searching for the best Kratom strains to lift up your energy level, you surely are at the ideal spot. Here in this post, I am going to share some of the strains of Kratom fan which you can use to lift up your energy level.

Thai Kratom Strains

On the off chance that you are searching for a standout amongst the most dynamic and exceptionally viable Kratom strains, Thai Kratom strain positively is the best alternative for you. This Kratom strain grows in Thailand having the most extreme levels of mitragynine, which is in charge of boosting energy levels in a compelling way. In addition, it has the capacity to give a high quieting impact, which helps individuals experiencing:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia

White Vein Kratom Strains

These Kratom strains are viewed as a standout amongst the most prevalent strains which are being utilized by individuals around the globe for their capacity to convey the excessive measure of energy. The purpose of their uncommon method for boosting the energy level in individuals is their elevated amounts of Mitragynine accessible in them. This essential alkaloid present in this Kratom strain is likewise known for elevating its belongings in the human body. This Kratom inside strain is viewed as perfect for individuals experiencing:

  • Drowsiness
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of concentration
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lethargy

Vietnam Kratom

This Kratom strain is viewed as a standout amongst the most antiquated strains of Kratom accessible in the market today for the utilization of individuals. Individuals who need to get a moment and viable outcome from any Kratom strain can absolutely utilize Vietnam Kratom strain. This Kratom strain is perfect for individuals who need to get:

  • Boost confidence level
  • Uplift mood
  • Boost energy levels
  • Mental clarity

Maeng Da Kratom Strains

This Kratom strain is also known as “pimp grade” in some countries. On the off chance that you are an individual who has to think around one of the most grounded and best strains of Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom unquestionably is the correct response for you. This Kratom strain functions as an energy supporter, which generally fills in as an energy boosting supplement utilized typically by exercise mentors and muscle heads so as to play out their standard activities in a functioning way. One thing you have to remember that dependably begin utilizing this Kratom strain from low measurements as it is exceptionally strong. This Kratom strain alongside aiding in boosting energy levels likewise have the ability to give impacts like:

  • Mood Lift
  • Cognitive
  • Anxiolytic


What You Need to Know About Kratom

Recently, we have seen a lot of popularity of Kratom among people in different countries of the world. The reason behind its popularity is its capability to provide help in different kinds of medical conditions. Well, the question here is there are many people who also don’t have the idea about what is Kratom, is it legal to use, what is its effective form, who can use it, what is its ideal dosage or does it have any kind of side effects. Well, if you are one of those individuals, simply read this post and you will get all these questions answered in an effortless manner.


So, let us begin with what is Kratom. It is basically a natural plant which is native in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is usually available in three forms in the market which include powder, capsule and dry leaves. You can use all these three forms of Kratom for treating a different kind of health issues which include:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer

Is it Legal?

Well, the answer to this question completely depends on the country which you are living in. The reason is FDA and DEA has approved the buying and selling of Kratom and its strain in different countries as well as banned it too. Well, the good news for Kratom users is that buying and selling of Kratom are strictly illegal in several states of the US and not in any other country. Though, FDA and DEA might take off the ban as there are many researchers doing research on Kratom and its different health benefits.


Effective Form of Kratom

There are many people around the world who get confused most of the times in deciding whether which form of Kratom is the most effective one. It is available in powder, capsule, extract and tincture form in the market. Well, the answer to this confusing question asked by people is that the dried leaves, powder, and capsules are considered as the effective forms of Kratom. The reason is that they are the straightforward product of the natural plant without having any kind of mixture of any other chemicals or ingredients.

Who Can Use Kratom?

Well, this depends on your medical history and the purpose you are planning to use it for. In case your doctor or physician recommends Kratom for any kind of medical condition, you certainly will not need to worry about having any kind of side effects. However, one thing you need to make sure before taking it is that whether it is legal or illegal in your country, as only then you will be able to use it for treating your desired health issue.

Side Effects if Any

The side effects of Kratom usually depends upon the dosage and the frequency you use. In case you have just started using it and most importantly with a low dosage, you certainly will not have any kind of side effect. In case you have taken it in excessive quantity in order to get results or prolong the sedation effects, the side effects which can occur to you include:

  • Stomach disturbance
  • Nausea
  • Sleep disorders
  • Poor memory
  • Chronic anxiety

Tips for Getting the Most Out of a Ring Doorbell

A ring doorbell is a timeless invention that’s tailored to make life easier by boosting home security and reducing crime. It works like any other doorbell, but it comes with a camera attached to it. Its mode of operation is really simple; when someone presses the button or when there’s movement, a signal is passed through your Wi-Fi network directly to its cloud servers and subsequently to your smartphone. The information reaches your phone as a notification through the ring doorbell app. Once you open it, you can see who pressed the button or what caused the motion thus captured.

You can also communicate with the individual in a two-way conversation. With this fantastic bell installed in your home, you have the privilege to answer the door whether on vacation, at work or inside your home. With the basics in mind, there are some tricks and features that you can employ to make the most out of a ring doorbell.

Sharing With Other Home Occupants and Neighbors

If other individuals are residing with you, they might want to know who visited your home and when. All you have to do is select ‘shared users’ button on the ring doorbell app and invite them to use your this beneficial device. They will consequently need to create their own ring account, which is an easy and quick process. Subsequently, you can all access the ring doorbell simultaneously. You may also use the neighbors’ app to share security information with your immediate community. This will allow you to participate in the communal effort of reducing crime.

Adjusting Motion Sensitivity

Like mentioned earlier, the ring doorbell not only notifies you when someone presses its button, it also sends a notification when motion is detected. This comes feature in handy when UPS drivers or the mailman forget to notify you upon dropping off a package.

Adjusting motion settings is pretty simple. You simply select your ring doorbell app and navigate as follows; motion settings, zones, and ranges. From there, you can set the sensitivity for different zones including left, right and center.

Keeping the Battery Charged

The ring doorbell has an internal battery that allows it to work without hardwiring it to your home’s electrical system. All you will need to do is recharge it whenever necessary, which is normally after a few months. Luckily, its application is sufficiently reliable to allow you to see how much power is left and alert you whenever the battery gets too low. This feature also comes in handy when charging as you are notified when the battery is full.

Recharging the battery is also easy. You merely need to remove the unit and plug in a micro USB charging cable into the port located at the back of the device. The beauty of it all is that the doorbell continues to work even while charging.

The Bottom Line

With a ring doorbell installed at your door, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing what’s going on in your home. This applies whether you are in the kitchen or a continent away from your residence. You can also answer your door from anywhere, any time of the day.

Not only does the ring doorbell notify you when the button is pressed but also when intruders quietly approach your door. Their motion is promptly detected, and a notification is sent immediately to your smartphone. You can also speak, hear and see from the doorbell app regardless of the distance between you and your home. With the tips discussed above, prepare to reap a multitude of benefits from this incredible device.

Buying kratom- The secrets that you should know

Experienced people know how to buy Kratom. What will inexperienced user do when buying Kratom? They have no information on what they are joining and when purchasing a powdered Kratom. With Kratom, it’s not that easy to find the first seller that you see on the net and buy your cache. There is something else, let us give an explanation.

Join a group

The one fact you must note is that you are no longer living alone if you buy Kratom to fight the difficulties in your life. Dependency is a problem which affects continents in the world, and many people are victims of its cuts. There is a rainbow of ideas behind why different people around the world depend on the extracts from the Kratom plant.

Like several people who are accustomed to separating themselves, it is simple to assume that this is the work of Kratom. It probably it originates from the similar addiction situation as users of Kratom. With The buy Kratom, it has become part of a large group with similar ideas and goals.

With group power, there is no need to separate yourself. You require help because you may not be alone. You have sisters and brothers who take the same flight as you do now. Find the best Facebook groups that fit your requirements and begin the activity, as you will begin to establish connections with people like you.

Learn about the types of Kratom you can find online.

The popular types of buy Kratom centers used by people include many forms, including an unusual type called Maeng Da Kratom. Do not produce on your own. It is a type of genetic mix of species to create an original and highly effective bark plant. Its use is day today and will be accepted by many people.

That is very animated. Some people may make mistakes, since they are another type of this, although buying your Kratom should know the difference between the races. Due to their strong moisturizing properties, these strains also have high contrast results.

For you to understand many of the myths about this particular type of Kratom strain, it must be known that it is slightly stronger than any other brands. That is the reason why its element that provides essential characteristics to the Kratom strains slightly increases this type of stress. This strain is called exactly Mitragynine, which is found in each strain, thus becoming a strong Kratom in relaxation and recovery properties. Some Indians call it to stress that is very tonic and comfortable and even incites depression because of its exceptional ability to stimulate and struggle in a conflictive way after the results disappear.

When buying Kratom in online stores, the buyer should know some tips. It is essential that the user knows what he is acquiring for his precious money.

Learn to use it

Another important aspect is that the buyer must know how to take advantage of Kratom items. Without an adequate evaluation of these two aspects, the purchase of Kratom products can become an unsuccessful practice for buyers.