What are the best leveling & build guides for ESO?

There are quite a few reasons to find a good quality ESO guide. If you’re going to be one of the better players in the game, the first thing you’ll need is a strong build. If you’re not familiar with all the character options try the building calculator at ESO head. You can choose class, race, weapons, level, skills and so on. After deciding which class and role you want to play, the best thing to do at that point is to locate a trusted guide for ESO builds.

From crafting your weapons and armor (or potions and food) to leveling up your skills, equipment and character, you’re going to need a lot of gold in Elder Scrolls Online regardless of your role and activities. Get a crafting guide that is complete and one that will show you how to findĀ best farming routes for the materials and gold you need.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Guide

Any leveling guide you get should include leveling your class skills, weapon & armor skills, crafting skills, guild skills, etc. Try to find one that delivers a full guide on leveling all three factions! Once you level up to veteran ranks, you will have access to the areas of the other two alliances and you’ll want your guide for help. ESO Universe Guides has links and reviews to many Elder Scrolls Online guides for gold making, questing & leveling, builds and crafting.

The ideal way to approach selecting your guide is to find a popular (and trusted) resource that makes guides for all of these aspects of ESO. If they make a good crafting guide, chances are they also make a great leveling guide too. If you can get them all in one package, that would be the way to go. ESO Universe offers some basic guidance on many areas of the game in articles and videos. They also have links and reviews to some of the best guides and resources for this game.

There are also plenty of free addons you can use for Elder Scrolls online. You can add on anĀ Achievement Tracker, leveling add-on and many other helpful tools if you choose. You can find a good list of these addons at esoui.com.