Sorcerer guide for high DPS, healing and tanking in ESO

 Sorcerer heal, tank and DPS build guide for Elder Scrolls Online

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ESO Sorcerer Skills and Builds

The Damage Dealing PvP and PvE Sorcerer (DPS)

The Sorcerer is arguably the best class for dealing high amounts of DPS while simultaneously healing yourself and your allies. If your Sorcerer build is optimized for max DPS along with the best use of armor and weapons, you can be a very effective damage dealing nightmare to your enemies! You will need to be creative when it comes to your defense but there are plenty of rotations that will keep you safe on the battlefield. Light armor is recommended as it allows you to use the Sorcerer’s passive abilities most effectively. We will take a look at the main skills, gear and general game play options you can use to build a high DPS Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online. Offensive skill trees: Destruction Staff deals magic damage using lightning, ice and fire and is the main weapon of choice for a high DPS Sorcerer. The Dark Magic skill tree is essential! Deal massive magic damage, slow down and control your enemies using the morphs in this tree. Light armor is the perfect armor match for your passives as you receive extra bonuses. Lightning damage using Storm Calling is a skill line you will use for most of the game as a Sorcerer. Daedric Summoning tree calls creatures to help you fight off enemies and also has some abilities for dishing damage – very important. Choose rings and necklaces that provide higher magic damage, increase your Magicka or reduce your Magicka cost. The Thief Mundus Stone increases critical hit chance. Use the Restoration Staff for healing AND magic attacks and regenerate Magicka.

Sorcerer Tank Builds

You can use any combination of class, race, weapons and armor you wish but I’ll tell you what I used to make my tank and why. We’ll be using the Daedric Magic for utility and a big portion of damage and a mix of heavy and light armor for protection and regeneration of resources. Tank use crowd control, damage mitigation and overall battlefield control. Start with the Crystal Shard ability as it is a high damage a long range spell – with a knockdown effect! It is pretty powerful early on (use it a level 1) in the game and will be your main source of ranged damage. Use your knockdown to interrupt an enemy healer or stun combatants for a few crucial seconds. The morphs in this line make your damage spread and AoE upon hit. Shattering Prison is the Dark Magic skill used in any good Sorcerer tank build. You can get more information on this and many other Sorcerer builds at eso universe. Learn all the exact skills to use, when to use and rotate them and how best to play Elder Scrolls Online as a Sorcerer.

Sorcerer Healing Builds

A mix of heavy and light gear is great for a healer Sorcerer. A couple heavy so you get a good amount of heavy armor passives and, of course, for the defense. Your light armor value must be leveled up to max, until then you will be a bit vulnerable in certain situations. Jewelry should be selected based on how much reduction in Magicka costs you will receive. Daedric Summoning and ClannFear are great for coming to help in battle, allowing them to be attacked rather than your allies being attacked and for providing that extra DPS. The Restoration Staff’s active ability Illustrious Healing heals for 4 seconds rather than 1 or 3 seconds and has a very big range and radius. Rapid Regeneration is slow to level but will be amazing once leveled. It heals two nearby wounded allies with quite a long range. Combat Player is also very useful for healing allies in front of you giving them armor and spell resistance. You can check out the full content of this Sorcerer healing build at ESO Universe Guide Website as well as other play style builds and videos for each class in Elder Scrolls Online.