Urban Ice Organics

Urban Ice Organics is a well-known vendor based in Nevada, United States. This vendor runs an online store which consists of an appealing website that let users select their desired product and shop. This vendor uses kratom from the valuable sources of Southeast Asia, which is grown under the control and care of special people and specially experienced farmers cultivate it to produce in different forms.

The divergent range of products is tested under special conditions.

Kratom issued by this vendor is in different forms such as powders, teas, capsules, and extract oils.

You can find many strains such as Indo vein, Bali strain, Maeng Da, and Malay Kratom in different and attractive packaging. Their packaging is also available in extra-large bottles, which is best for users who want a kratom strain for a longer time.


Lab Testing

A laboratory test is essential to check the quality of any kratom product. After the negligence of people and misuse of kratom, the FDA has prohibited the manufacturing, processing, and sale of kratom, which make many users doubtful about different vendors who don’t sell authentic and untested products. Low-quality products are not good for human health they are manufactured with low quality and the processes.

Lab-tested products are a good way to be ensured that the products are safe to use. Urban Ice Organics provides you with quality and also gives you proof about their authentication. So, don’t worry before buying products from Urban Ice Organic without being conscious about your health.

What is the pricing of products?

Usually, different kratom strains have different prices but if you have an idea about overall price then the prices are affordable. They have economical values of the products like a 30 capsule bottle costs $22. Each capsule is 0.5 mg of strength which is enough as a threshold dosage for new kratom users.

Kratom extract oils are also available at reasonable prices. One kratom extract in different strains is available for $15.99 per bottle.

Their most amazing kratom product is kratom tea in pomegranate flavor which only cost $6.99 each bottle.

The 60 grams of kratom powder is only for $32.99 which is always fresh in its form. The vendor also allows special discounts which are amazing. If you are a new customer you can achieve some points and these points can be saved for later discount. So, if you shop more then gradually your prices will get cut off surprisingly and their tincture price become amazing after a huge discount.



Once you pay for your product then the company starts delivering your products with any of the shipping methods depending on your location such as USPS and FedEx. You can receive your order within 2 to 3 business days. What’s well more than you get your product at your doorstep within few days?

The quality and the freshness is not compromised even if it takes more days. Now, people don’t need to go to post offices and wait for your products. The company also offers free delivery on orders above $75.