White Maeng Da Side Effects

Normally, all kratom strains are safe for consuming and there are no side effects and are not hazardous for human health. But anything in a huge quantity can definitely create problems. Same is the case with white Maeng Da, when it is consumed in a large amount then it starts showing its side effects.

But there are some short-term effects too which can be felt for a short period of time. The short-term effects include anxiety, agitation etc. sometimes, a person talks too much while using kratom.

Euphoric effects with White Maeng Da can be attained at a higher dosage. This effect at a high amount of dosage creates many problems like nausea, headaches, digestion problems, breathing issues, etc.

Likewise, withdrawal effects make a person addictive and dependent towards a specific strain which is the real dark side of White Maeng Da. these withdrawal effects stay for long-term and tolerance level builds up to a great extent.


A person might feel excessive sweating, sleeping disorders, increase or decrease in the blood pressure, and severe cravings for kratom.

The best way to avoid these problems is to always initiate using kratom with basic dosage and gradually build up your tolerance level.

Moreover, if the effects are unbearable then you can consult a doctor or a physician and take proper medication to overcome the side effects.

Duration of Dosage

Maeng Da is a bright strain as it is known to be the most durable strain among others. Its fast-acting and long-lasting effects are the highlighting qualities of Maeng Da. Even White Maeng also owes this feature. This strain starts showing its super effects within 15 to 30 minutes. The effects may appear early for beginners.

Sometimes, the effects initiate within 10 minutes.

After consuming kratom there are certain changes which may happen in the body including irritation and allergic reactions. These effects may stay for some hours usually 5 to 8 hours. These effects stay longer in new users.


Comparison of White Maeng Da with other strains of Maeng Da

All strains of Maeng Da are important and useful in their own aspects and have different yet unique properties. In search of good qualities of all Maeng Da strain and the preference of White Maeng Da over other strains.

  • White Maeng Da VS Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is a famous strain for its energetic and analgesic properties. This strain is a great pain killer which relieves even chronic pains. Red strain is highly sedative as well so ideal way is to use this strain at night for being relaxed. It is more good for its medicinal purposes even for opiate withdrawal effects.

In comparison with red Maeng Da strain, white Maeng Da doesn’t show up that much high analgesic effect. It has mild painkilling effects and can’t handle severe chronic pains. This strain is good for using on a daily basis and even at day time to achieve stimulating and relaxing effects.

  • White Maeng Da VS Green Maeng Da

Both strains considered to have the most similar effects. White Maeng Da is a high mood enhancer and an energetic strain. Green Maeng Da has fine properties of alkaloids in the leaves which are very active and provide quick effects.

Green Maeng Da tends to be more settled for getting pain relief and panic attacks.